Pieter Roozendaal – corrupt or very corrupt??

- ex police thug and liar

– ex police thug and liar

Pieter Roozendaal’s history of corruption is well documented in the public domain.  His blatant and arrogant disregard for fact based evidence when he was a police officer was and is inexcusable, but sadly what the public have come to expect from police in this country.

Now that Roozendall is with the Independent Police Conduct Authority he has become even more of a danger and a stranger to the truth.  He in the position where he can and likely does see every complaint that comes in to the IPCA and wherever possible suppress that complaint before it sees the light of day.

There is amassing an increasing number of nonsensical responses from Roozendaal to members of the public who have gone to the IPCA with legitimate and fact based complaints against police.

Like all bullies, and Roozendaal most certainly has a long history that gives him that pedigree, he enjoys the use and abuse of power.

What is entirely astonishing is that with his checkered history the IPCA would even contemplate putting someone like this on the payroll.  The public deserves better.  It certainly makes a mockery out of Judge Sir David Caruthers bold but meaningless promise of more accountability.  Hands up those who believe that this will ever happen.

This person is a danger to the public in so much as if he is permitted to continue his reign of covering up for his mates in the police, we are all in danger because there really is no protection from corrupt police.