Police Invent Bogus Laws

20130131_100430The public need to be vigilant to verify the information given to them by police.

Senior Constable Damion Horricks of the Waipukurau Police gives us an example of this sort of smoke and mirrors behaviour.

One would expect that having reached the lofty rank of senior constable, Horricks would be well versed in the law that he deals with every working day.  But perhaps the reality of that rank is that he has survived ten years in the job without being done for perjury.

When this photo was taken of him Horricks tried to tell the occupier and photographer that because he was on private property permission was needed (from Horricks) before he could be photographed.  It seems that Horricks was arrogant and ignorant enough to expect that he would be believed just because he was a police officer quoting what he purported to be the law.  After the event Damon Horricks was given the opportunity to support that brash statement by citing the legislation he was relying upon, but had no comment to make.

So here we have yet another police officer caught out lying.  In what is a typical example of the attitude of dishonesty that dominates the police culture in New Zealand, Horricks is just another professional liar, a trait he will no doubt take in to the Courtroom.

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2 Responses to Police Invent Bogus Laws

  1. beansprout says:

    This cowboy is well known around Waipuk as being a prick, so this does not surprise me. He is yet another cop who could not sleep straight in bed and spends most of his waking hours tripping over his ego.

  2. GTW says:

    Yep I have run across him as well. He has pissed off a lot of the bros around Waipuk so must be about due to get out of town before it all catches up with him. Like all bullies he always has backup because he knows how hated he is around the town.

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