Otaki’s Community Cop Rips Off The System

Terry Moore Landlord or Cop?

Terry Moore
Landlord or Cop?

Otaki community constable Terry Moore has been ripping the system off for years and police have been turning a blind eye to his dishonesty.

Moore first came to the Kapiti Coast from Blenheim to take up the role of Iwi Liaison office for police.  Whilst living and working as a detective in Blenheim Moor and his family lived in subsidised housing on Woodbourne Air Force Base.  In this job he was one of the privileged few who still got to take a company car home.  It was during this time that Moore quickly gained a reputation amongst his colleagues for being the invisible man, because he was never where he was supposed to be.

Frequently during working hours Moore was spotted in Levin, often towing a trailer load of building materials behind his unmarked police vehicle.  Initiative is aware that Moore owns rental properties in Levin and much of the restoration and maintenance work on those properties was carried out whilst he was being paid to be at work.

In a move typically double standard, police turned a blind eye to Moore’s deceit and returned him to the brotherhood.  Not only that but they put the now separated Moore in to a police house in Otaki at peppercorn rental.

Whilst working at Levin and owning properties in that town, Moore was enjoying the benefits of tax payer subsidised housing a few kilometres down the road in Otaki.

To this day Moore enjoys the perk of living in a police house whilst getting income from rental properties just up the road.  Nice work if you can get it.  The frightening thing is that Moore seems to think this sort of behavior is quite acceptable and he is doing nothing wrong.  Such attitudes are typical of the police culture and double standards.

Otaki is an area that has typically been hard to staff and the sort of police officers who end up there have fallen from grace elsewhere in the country.  Moore’s tenure there is testament to this and the fact that police management are not only aware but turn a blind eye to such blatant ripping off of the system, is testament to the police culture of lie, deny and perjure.

Setting aside the questionable ethics of Senior Constable Terry Moore, in how many towns around the country is this blatant dishonesty repeated?  When questioned by opposition politicians, the former Minister of Police denied all knowledge and suggested that it was a matter for the Commissioner.  Yet when opposition politicians wrote to the Police Commissioner the response was to lie and deny.

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  1. QVRme says:

    Come on guys the bozo is not the only cop ripping off the system. You can be certain that it is going on all over the dam country and management is deliberately turning a blind eye to it.

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