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Having been quietly slipped out of Napier by his cop mates, now hiding away in suburban Hamilton these days is the morbidly obese police informant and the worst kind of scum Brent Willis:

Brent Willis
Police Informant 

This bozo, along with his Facebook lawyer friend in Napier has had a couple of failed attempts at trying to shut down Initiative or get his name removed, but guess what Brent it is still here and here it will stay to bring accountability and out those who choose to cross the line.  Between them they will complain to anyone they think will take notice.

Initiative had the transcript of evidence Willis gave, reviewed by a senior investigator who concluded that he should have been charged with multiple offences, but of course the Hawke’s Bay cops are so corrupt that they turned a blind eye.  Perhaps a private prosecution might now be coming your way buddy.  No doubt you good friend and lawyer in Napier will come out from under his rock to defend you.

Believe it or not this low life is a parent.  What sort of example does that set your child Brent? 

So watch out Hamilton people, if this guy is your neighbour you might well be worried.  Of course he has multiple aliases but you can’t miss him if you happen to stumble over him in the gutter.

He keeps on changing his name and has used Brent Willis, Brent Tommich and currently seems to be calling himself Brent Edwards.

Sorry Brent, you are anonymous no longer. Watch this space for details of which rock you can find this piece of excrement under.

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