Daryl Moore – caught lying

Daryl Moore - just added "liar" to his CV

Daryl Moore – just added “liar” to his CV

When is Superintendent Sam Hoyle going to get his district under control?  We do not even have to dig to find out the extent of the corruption that exists within the Hawke’s Bay police ranks, they just keep on falling in to our laps!

With such a serious and systemic dishonesty problem in his district you would think that Hoyle would be concerned, as the public could expect of any responsible and honest manager.  But not so, Hoyle turns a blind eye to such behavior and likely even encourages it in the hope that it will make his statistics look good and enhance his obsessive ambition for promotion.

Luke Shadbolt - soon to be very busy

Luke Shadbolt – soon to be very busy

Initiative has previously outed Napier’s Sgt Kristina Eckhold for lying in a police job sheet after she served a trespass notice; an exercise solely designed to hinder the proper administration of the law.  Now her colleague and serial bully Daryl Moore has been caught out lying to protect Eckhold.  Just as well Kristina is married to NZ Police Association vice president Luke Shadbolt because if she keeps going the way she is, she will soon find herself in need of the Police Association’s advocacy to help her keep her job.

Recently Moore responded to a request for information, and here we quote the relevant paragraph from his 5 December 2013 letter on police letterhead and signed by Moore:

Police do not have a Police policy circular that deals with trespass.  Your request is refused pursuant to section 18(e) of the Official Information Act as the information does not exist.”

How stupid or arrogant or both is this guy that he thinks he can get away with such blatant dishonesty?  Upon receiving Moore’s letter it was obvious that this was but one of a number of factual deficiencies and so further enquiries were mase.  A request for the same information was made to Police National Headquarters and in a rare display of efficiency, within a matter of hours a copy of the trespass policy that Moore purported not to exist was provided.  So Dudley you have been caught out lying…….yet again.

Here again we have a police officer who, like Eckhold, is in a supervisory role and should be setting an example and standard of integrity for his staff.  Or more likely this is the standard that police aspire to and encourage?  All these concerns have previously been put to Hoyle but he has gone to ground and has no response to offer.

No doubt the incidents reported on this web site are only a small representation of the lie, deny and perjure culture and there are plenty more examples out there.  Initiative will continue to expose police corruption and lies without fear or favour.

Hawke’s Bay residents, please feel free to share with us your experiences.

For the benefit of all users on this site and anyone who might be unfortunate enough to have police try and trespass them, we have provided a copy of the current police policy on trespass for you to download:   Police-Trespass-Policy-V10-2013  This is the very information Mr Moore says doesn’t exist.

Hawke’s Bay police management were invited to comment on this article prior to publication but failed to offer any response.

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19 Responses to Daryl Moore – caught lying

  1. AJ says:

    We are surprised that this clown has been caught out lying? He was never the smartest cookie in the jar so it was only a matter of time before he got sprung. Not even sure if he is a good liar but I guess time will tell and if he manages to lie his way out of this one then he is better than we thought. Watch out for this nut job he is a dangerous man with an obsessive personality disorder

  2. Rich says:

    The country is littered with cops just like Moore. No wonder 56% of the population does not trust the police.

  3. GTW says:

    Moore is well known around town as an idiot with a small brain, big mouth and huge ego. One day he will get his!

  4. kcsunshine says:

    Ha ha, you guys call it right with this fruit cake. Moore is one of those people in life who have no real skills and so got a job as a cop because no other employer would touch him. So watch out Napier you are stuck with Daryl Moore and his lies because he will never get a real job.

  5. tenone says:

    Moore is seriously disturbed. Maybe he got too many hidings out the back of the bike shed when he was at school…..no that can’t be right…he would have been the one giving the beatings…

  6. Bruce Mitchell says:

    Makes me glad I don’t live in Napier. What a piece of scum this idiot Moore most surely is.

  7. Sammy Sunshine says:

    Daryl Moore has been lying about anything he thinks he can get away with lying about for years and seems to have got away with it. Daryl Moore is just a nasty piece of work who is unable to function as a normal human being

  8. ForgetMeNot says:

    What a real tosser this fool Darryl Moore is. He was round the Bay when I was working there years ago and even back then he had got himself a rep as a thoroughly nasty prick who is as bent as they come. Looks like nothing has changed!

  9. Foolsrushin says:

    I will never forget this sado looser. What a loose unit he most surely is. He set me up on rubbish charges and then I had to sit there in court and watch him perjure himself with such arrogance that comes only from the assurance that you are going to get away with it.

    • Advkit says:

      “Sado losers” like Daryl Moore are a dime a dozen and you will trip over them in the gutters throughout the country. This guy is as bad as it gets and lying is second nature to him, just as is being a prat. He is pretty dumb even on a good day and needs to be outed so web sites like this provide a good service for doing that.

  10. Old School says:

    The guy is a failed bully who went the way of all successful failures and when no other place would have him he joined to police. Now time further on he remains a failure as a human being and probably as a cop as well.

  11. Sandra B says:

    Get used to it. There are more dishonest cops out there than honest ones!

  12. QVRme says:

    Well known he is and Moore has not gained that reputation because is is one of the good cops, is has come about because he is such a thoroughly bent bugger who only knows how to lie and make stuff up as he goes along. He has a very vindictive streak and is very childish.

  13. Perf says:

    Daryl Moore is such a try hard. What he lacks in intellect he makes up for in imagination and perjury. Wanders around the place with a permanent smirk on his ugly mug, trying to think up new and more creative lies.

  14. Waltzing Matilda says:

    Never really heard much about this guy but when you mention his name around the place it is met with responses that are so consistent as to validate that he is just another bent copper.

  15. Jon says:

    99% of senior police are corrupt. Been that way for decades. In prisons our inmates are not permitted any clothing with a hint of BLUE because BLUE is considered a GANG color which probably explains why COPS and PRISON GUARDS where BLUE uniforms. There is a very fine line between COP and CRIMINAL and they aren’t too far apart in dictionary.

  16. 7 cops in invercargill, lyers and corrupt, , with a kid,3 in dunedin, one from mosgiel, dunedin, must stop, cant go on, needing an up rising, what will they do then?, any sugestions appriciatedNot safe in this country, need Judge Rinder from England, no evidence, trhown out, dont lie, hes always right.

  17. corruption of cops rife, invercargill, and dunedin, what can be done, lives ruined.

    • initiative says:

      The police in this country routinely lie with no respect for the consequences that their dishonesty has for others. NZ may not have a corrup police force in the traditional sense but it certainly has one where the culture is one of dishonesty, lie and deny.

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