“I’m a police officer, I don’t lie”

Stupidity at its worst

Yet another example of the out of control cops who pervade the Hawke’s Bay community has come to light in the form of Constable Wayne Stewart and Bay View’s camera shy community cop John Bruce.  John Bruce is apparently so adverse to having his photo taken that he resorts to sneaking around and trying to delete from the camera photos taken of him.  Sadly for John Bruce or “JB” as his colleagues like to call him, technology is smarter that this dumb as plod and the evidential photos he deleted were retrieved and are now in a safe place.

What must go down in history as one of the most laughable quotes of all times is Wayne Stewart’s claim “I am a police officer, I don’t lie”.  Yet moments before making that bold statement Stewart was on the phone to his buddy John Bruce instructing him to destroy photographic and video evidence of not only his incredible stupidity, but his attempts to lie and ignore evidence.  With names such as Adam Dunnett, Michael Blowers and Peter Pakau having so recently been caught lying Stewart’s claim has a hollow ring to it.  Those are only the ones that have come to the public attention in the past few months and that police management have been unable to cover up for.

The concept that police officers should be permitted to make judgement calls is one that should be of concern to all of us.  When idiots like Stewart come alone and refuse to even listen to both sides of any story, it makes a mockery of the myth that your average plod has the maturity and common sense to make any judgment call.  In Stewart’s case, here is a man so bitter and twisted that he needs to make up the law as he goes along, having purported that it is illegal to film in a public place and trying to remove the camera using force.  Despite being told on numerous occasions that it was quite legal to take video and still images in a public place, this dumb plod stood his ground and tried to bully and bluff his way out of the lie he had been so vigorously perpetuating.

Stewart is no different to any other bully, when he is stood up to he goes in to panic mode and calls for help, calling his buddy John Bruce for backup and more bullying.  Upon arrival on scene and as the senior officer John Bruce kept running away every time the camera came near him.  This sniveling little coward, just as big an idiot as his buddy Stewart, would not even get out of his vehicle.  Nor did he have even the slightest interest in establishing any of the facts.  In what can only be seen as a reflection of the police’s desire to avoid transparency and accountability, when Bruce was called to the scene the police were more concerned to broadcast a waring over the radio, that all their actions were being filmed.  This preoccupied them more that establishing the facts or doing any proper policing.

Stewart - showing his best side to the camera

Stewart – showing his best side to the camera

The public need to be aware of and stand up to bullies and liars such as Constable Wayne Stewart and Senior Constable John Bruce, who consider that their uniforms give them carte balnche to make up the law as they go along and use their position to push people around for no reason other than to satisfy their own prejudices.  The Bay View community in which John Bruce works need to be particularly concerned that this thug is amongst them.

Both Constable Stewart and Senior Constable Bruce have been invited to comment.

It is inevitable that both these plods will fact private prosecution for their actions and this will be reported as it progresses through the courts.

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9 Responses to “I’m a police officer, I don’t lie”

  1. GTW says:

    Wayne Stewart is a traffic cop and he is useless at that as well, so no surprises at him behaving this way. Just another rubbish cop who needs to be taken out the back of the bike shed and given a good kicking.

  2. Waltzing Matilda says:

    I know this piece of garbage Stewart. Used to think we had some bent cops in Aussie until I came to NZ. Stewart is the lowest of the low. If he was on fire I wouldn’t cross the street and piss on him.

  3. Mother Mary says:

    Never lie, my arse ! New Zealand Pig Force couldn’t walk in a straight line !



  5. Serenia says:

    You may have worked with them front line an all that lady ! they still lie an cheat not many good cops out there like there was all them years ago time people woke up to this corrupt cop force we have.

  6. Rem says:

    Hey Francie , you after some brownie points or a police batten?

    You might have eyes and ears but are they connected to your pea brain , or is your head stuck up your arse ?

  7. Mark says:

    Francie you must be married to a cop.. I lived in palmerston north for a few years and its the worst cowboy outfit ive seen.. Ive personally seen others bei ng roughed up by police, seen them committ perjury in court and their cousins in corrections do pretty much the same. Its almost routine for police to stretch the truth assault alleged offenders with no competent management to root out these dodgy cops.. False arrests then destroying evidence that the arrest even happened.. I complained twice to ipca whatva joke the local police just dissapeared the complaints

  8. piglet says:

    yeah, from G-d lips to the ears of children..how sad it is that the very people we put in power to be honest,are not
    Time for change and accountability…time for people to stand up and say, enough of the corruption
    I will
    I am
    I do

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