The Accomplice

All Corrections staff are fine upstanding individuals who can do no wrong, never lie, and care deeply about those whom they are there to serve.

Vincent Arbuckle

Mr Vincent Arbuckle

At least that is what Department of Corrections General Manager Corporate Services Vince Arbuckle would have us believe.  Arbuckle’s belief in his staff is such that he recently wrote to Initiative and asked us to remove the articles and comments about Corrections staff and himself.

In that letter he suggests that the articles are “defamatory” and that the most appropriate way to make any wayward Corrections staff accountable is to lay a complaint with the Department itself.  However history, the Courts, the Ombudsmen’s  Office and the Coroner have all in recent history confirmed that the Dept of Corrections is completely incapable of dealing with their own staff or even complying with the law.  The Corrections Inspectors are a joke, well it would be funny were the consequences of their biased whitewash of complaints so serious.

Indeed time again there are well documented examples of Corrections simply ignoring the overwhelming weight of evidence.

Katrina Casey ...gone but not forgotten

Katrina Casey
…gone but not forgotten

Former General Manager Community Probation Services Katrina Casey was provided with all the evidence that proved without the slightest doubt that her employeey is a liar and incapable of doing her job.  Yet after what Casey purported to be a thorough investigation she concluded that this low life had done no wrong.  An incredible conclusion that was and remains defiant of any fact or logic and demonstrates the inherent dishonesty that prevails within management.

When Vincent Arbuckle wrote to Initiative requesting the removal of those articles we offered to consider doing just this if he was prepared to re-investigate the behaviour of his dishonest and/or incompentent probation officer based on all the evidence against her.  No surprises then that he has gone to ground and not responded.  Arbuckle knows very well that any robust investigation would not produce a result that is in line with the propaganda image he wants to present of Corrections staff.

From Arbuckle’s letter:

I strongly encourage the author responsible for these articles to consider the impact of their actions on others before publishing future articles.”

It seems that Mr Arbuckle simply does not get it or has just lost the plot.  It must be a very stressful job having to constantly cover up for staff incompetence and dishonesty.

If Corrections management had done their job properly in the first place it would not have been necessary to publish that or any other article.  So readers can draw their own conclusions from the fact that Initiative has not removed any articles, nor will we be brow beaten in to doing so by Arbuckle or anyone else.   That sort of bullying is unacceptable in any part of society but does serve to demonstrate the bully boy attitude of senior Corrections management.

Jodi Jeffrey's accomplice SEAN ROBBINS

SEAN ROBBINS – lying is second nature

In this context then let us look at probation officer Sean Robbins.  Robbins works alongside one of the most evil and corrupt probation officers in the country at the Feilding office.  He claims to be an expert on electronic monitoring and the equipment used for this.  However the evidence has proved Robbins to be not only technologically inept but a liar.

Robbins was party to the same false reporting and lies that a feilding based probation officer put her name to and placed before the Courts.   He deliberately misrepresented results of signal testing for electronic monitoring at a property in the Manawatu, in order to support the lies of his colleague and meet the agenda of his Corrections masters.  What made it so much easier for him to get away with this is the knowledge that his managers would support and cover up even the most blatant of lies.  In this instance there was even an affidavit from a lawyer who was present, that confirmed the dishonesty of both Robbins and his colleague.

It is because of the existence of Corrections staff like Sean Robbins and his corrupt colleagues in the feilding office that Initiative will continue to report on any evidence based examples of lies, corruption, incompetence, malicious behaviour or just plain stupidity.  The individuals and Corrections management need to understand that when staff act in such a dishonest manner it has consequences.  Up until now those consequences have been solely for the hapless victim of their corrupt mindset and behaviour.  It could well be argued that the personalities of these people is such that destroying the lives of others through their lies and corruption gives them pleasure.

Now Initiative seeks to ensure that if Corrections management will not willingly bring about accountability and consequences for such staff then Initiative will do everything within the law to ensure that this occurs through other avenues.  Clearly we are already having an impact because recently Corrections has started sending out letters with the results of complaints that they have whitewashed in which the author does not identify him/herself by either job title or name and the signature of the letter is (deliberately) illegible.  Then there are the staff who send out emails from a generic address and refuse to put a name to that email.  At astonishing practice for any Government agency or department and one that is exclusive to Corrections.  What are they afraid of?

The publication of earlier articles on corruption within the Department of Corrections has resulted in Initiative being contacted by a large number of people who have had similar experiences and as the evidence is verified their stories WILL be published.

So Ray Smith, Vincent Arbuckle, Jeremy Lightfoot and colleagues, this places you on notice that Initiative will not be bullied and you need to look seriously at how such matters are dealt with both retrospectively and in the future.

None of those within Corrections whom Initiative approached for comment offered any response.

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14 Responses to The Accomplice

  1. advkit says:

    It is not just the Manawatu where these problems exist, but for some reason the culture does seem to be a lot worse there. I have come across Sean Robbins and you are right, he is seriously bent and could not lie straight in bed. He and Jodi deserve each other.

  2. GTW says:

    Its a bloody epidemic of bent screws! Sean Robbins is an arrogant piece of garbage who just like Jodi Jeffrey would never get a job anywhere else.

  3. SPCA says:

    How can you expect the plebs on the coal face to behave when the boys and girls at the top are just as corrupt, maybe even more so than them?

  4. Bruce Mitchell says:

    You have to wonder long and hard about how some of these people get their jobs. Is there any wonder Dept of Corrections is as bad as it is when you have idiots and clowns at the top and incompetent fools further down the chain?

  5. oncewas says:

    It is precisely because of people like Sean Robbins and Jodi Jeffrey that anyone who comes in to that job with good intentions either becomes like them or sees the way it is and gets out quickly before becoming tainted with their bile. Which then leaves the dregs of humanity and these two sure meet that qualification.

  6. Mary Mac says:

    What we all need to understand here is that the Corrections Dept in NZ rates right up there, right next to police, as one of the most corrupt and out of control departments around. It is staffed by a lot of people who could never hold down jobs elsewhere and these same people end up later on in management, a startlingly frightening prospect that we should all be alarmed about. Here in Christchurch Corrections even share office space with the police and there really is very little separation between the two agencies. One thing is for sure, they are both as corrupt as each other.

  7. Waltzing Matilda says:

    It is remarkable how these people can so arrogantly and with total disregard for the consequences of the actions, screw with peoples lives time again, produce inaccurate reports time again and lie time again. Yet they keep on getting away with it and their sense of values is so badly warped that they will never acknowledge that they have done anything wrong. They are professional liars and bullies.

  8. Watchout says:

    How did Vincent Arbuckle ever manage to get himself in to this position? He was not very compentent in his previous jobs and for sure the Fire Service were glad to see the back of him. Guess Corrections must employ on the basis of how corrupt you are and not how compentent.

  9. sleeping_dog says:

    The culture of the entire department is corrupt and deceitful right through to the recently resigned minister, it flows from above. As an ex employee I have seen the lies, deception and corrupt behaviour ordered from above, question it and they gang up on you, invent and fabricate blatant lies to appease their own delusions and agenda. Orchestrate false electronic monitoring reports, deny prisoners programmes, ignore sentencing notes, set prisoners up, and place the most inept staff into management. They are bullies to prisoners and offenders and staff.

    Policies for the public are merely lip service and propaganda.

  10. Ahorangi says:

    How hypocritical are Corrections. Quick to complain about “defamation” but even quicker to hand it out and refuse to take it back even when they know there’s no proof.

  11. Brendon Forrest says:

    This guy is he really real refuses to auctally reply to correspondence in a proper way ignores the facts and gives some other poor excuse and usually a one liner in a letter this guy should be fired but as one will see corrections doesn’t sack it’s employees but uses other excuses to cover up its mistakes and blames the victims for its wrongs as I am taking corrections to task in the courts but it’s evidence blames the victims

    • Initiative says:

      If corrections were to sack every corrupt or incompent staff member there would be noone left!

      • Brendon Forrest says:

        True this guy should go immediately it’s best to get rid of one then all they probably would bring in another incompetent person

  12. Brendon Forrest says:

    True this guy should go immediately it’s best to get rid of one then all they probably would bring in another incompetent person

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