More corrupt policing uncovered in Hawke’s Bay

Sandra Venables new broom - same old lies

Sandra Venables
new broom – same old lies

He may have quietly skulked out of town in the wake of adverse publicity, but former District Commander Sam Hoyle’s replacement has been quick to follow in his footsteps.  Early in her reign Superintendent Sandra Venables has demonstrated her own brand of double standards and selective policing.

Last month Constable Damion Davies was caught lying under oath when he gave evidence in the Napier District Court.  The evidence available against Davies is overwhelming and damaging.

Nevertheless police have predictably closed ranks and refused to even accept a complaint.

That is not their decision to make and that they would do so without even considering the evidence demonstrates just how corrupt and duplicitous police are.  Were it that there was no issue with the evidence Damion Davies has falsely given, police would have carried out a proper criminal investigation and based their decision on the evidence made available to and gathered by them.  But no, they do not want to do this because that would mean the truth coming out and proving without doubt what we all know – that police perjure themselves in our courts on a routine basis and consider that an acceptable standard.

Exposing that lie and deny culture presents a real threat to the facade of respectability that police in this country continue struggling to portray, a perception that is rapidly slipping with 56% of the public distrusting of police.

Recently that image has been dented in spectacular fashion with Detective Inspector Grant Wormald caught lying in court and Detective Superintendent Andy Lovelock tripping over himself whilst giving evidence in the Auckland High Court last year.  Is it any wonder then that when the see high ranking police getting away with it, your average intellect plod considers it acceptable to lie under oath?  Damion Davies has demonstrated that this is fact and not simply theory.  That he does this so readily shows that he issecure in the knowledge that if he ever does get caught out his colleagues and bosses will do whatever it takes to block any legitimate  complaint and cover for his lies, even if that means making up more lies.

Wormald - another corrupt cop

– another corrupt cop

Area Commander Sandra Venables has personally been made aware of Davies crime but has not only deliberately failed to ensure that the complaint is properly dealt with.  She has also actively evaded any attempts to contact her about the matter.  This in turn makes her guilty of  conspiring to defeat justice.

It seems likely that both Davies and Venables will soon be standing beside each other in the dock facing a private criminal prosecution.

Hawke’s Bay police were invited to comment but failed to do so.

Watch this space.

6 December 2014 UPDATE:  Damion Davies is no longer a detective and now back ploding the beat in uniform and trying to get promotion there.  In a recent High Court appeal the Crown conceded that Davies had given “wrong evidence” under oath and the convictions that he had so eagerly secured by giving this “wrong evidence” were quashed.  Sgt Malcolm Lochrie the police prosecutor in this case and serial liar Daryl Moore, are presently under investigation for conspiring to pervert justice for withholding evidence that was contrary to the police case, and indeed would have blown it out of the water from day one.

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11 Responses to More corrupt policing uncovered in Hawke’s Bay

  1. tenone says:

    Damion Davies is a twin so better make sure you get the right one when he is arrested for being a corrupt cop…

  2. QVRme says:

    What is it about that part of the country that all the rubbish and just plain corrupt cops end up there? Been that way for years and it seems that it gets worse

  3. Krystal Chand says:

    Maybe the new commissioner will introduce a WOF for cops. Like that will ever happen, they would all be off the road!

  4. Bob the Builder says:

    They can have her over there! More than a few of her colleagues were pleased to see her moved off to another area where she could not bother them.

  5. Bruce Mitchell says:

    It is an unrealistic expectation that police in this country will act in a fashion that is even close to being honest and this example proves that “beyond reasonable doubt”

  6. Advkit says:

    Sad but true that police routinely lie under oath and get away with it. One might even suspect that it is a practice that is encouraged by management to make the statistics look good.

  7. Waltzing Matilda says:

    You just have to look at the pso called “professional standards” officers they appoint around the country. They are not given the job because they are going to do the right thing and clean up the show, they are there to cover up and cover up some more. In Wellington that role is filled by Gordon Crawley who is bent as they come, right back to the 80’s he was lying to cover for his mates. In Hawke’s Bay it is Bill Gregory who could not lie straight in bed. he has been covering up and whitewashing complaints for years. So don’t hold out any hope that this will be dealt with in any way that is honest, quite the opposite

  8. Millie says:

    Watch now how hard out the cops go to cover up this. Any way you look at it they will do whatever they can to lie their way out of this. Cops in this country are just ridiculously out of control and for the most part liars

  9. Bottom Line says:

    This is just another example of how completely corrupt police are in this country. Madam Sandra has not got to the rank and job she now has without sucking up along the way and her reward is promotion. She will not be wanting to blow that by doing something stupid like…….ahhh…being honest. na, not in a million years is that likely to happen.

  10. Wogs says:

    I guess we also have to remember we are all human. human error shall be expected but not taking responsibility is another issue. Without the police we’d b at war…we can identify problems but perhaps need to seriously look at solutions for society and police

  11. Floss says:

    While we’re on the trial of the disgraced Police force…Such corruption in the Foxton cop shop – Sergeant – aiding an abetting a known violent criminal , that turns out he’s a police NARK !!! His files somehow disappear, at times when he does get arrested, slap an tickle an out he comes…
    Call out in Foxton to a domestic – due to lack of cops in town, so who do they pick up to help out – this criminal…
    Over 10 years ago this Sergeant became a Probation Officer in Levin – sexual favors for time off , very well known within the small community – his poor wife a bank manager – i wonder of she knows of his history with other women ?

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