Police Nark in Waipukurau

sharon-donnithorneAnyone who is renting through Property Brokers in Central Hawke’s Bay need to be vigilant that their privacy is protected.  Initiative recently learned of a situation where Property Brokers Waipukurau property manager Sharon Donnithrone handed a tenant’s personal information over to police.  What makes this even more offensive is that Donnithrone volunteered to hand this private information over without any encouragement.  At no time was she given consent or authority to hand out private information.

From the Property Brokers web site:

Property Brokers Ltd MREINZ acknowledges and complies with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993 and its amendments. In particular Property Brokers policy covers the following specific points relevant to this topic and this website:

Any client information you provide to property brokers will be used only for the purpose for which it is given and will not be passed on to any third party without your specific consent.

Yet it seems that these words are mere rhetoric and Property Brokers has no respect for the privacy of their clients.

David Faulkoner

David Faulkoner

When the matter was raised with Property Brokers national rental division manager David Faulkoner, instead of dealing with it in a responsible and legally compliant manner as the Privacy Act requires; Faulkoner refused to act on the complaint thereby demonstrating his incredible arrogance.

Property Brokers declined to comment when contacted.

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3 Responses to Police Nark in Waipukurau

  1. Donna says:

    Well well David Faulkoner, inspected my new rental, pointed out many health an illegal problems,but nothing was ever done with these …
    was left without hot water an light in kitchen for 8 weeks …all brushed under the table

  2. Mary Mac says:

    Most property managers are unqualified and pretty useless at the job, does not matter which company they work for. But for some reason Property Brokers seem to employ the worst property managers around. This particular woman has been around a while and is well known in Central Hawkes Bay as someone who cannot be trusted.

  3. Dino says:

    Hey isnt Waipuk where the business partner in crime with that guy from Napier lives?
    Yeah im sure thats where he lives ive seen that guy from HBay appliances mention it on facebook, that his partner lives in Waipukurau
    Popular place for narks and corrupt people to hide in small towns i spose. that case must be coming up soon didnt that DOUG guy say it was soon it was so funny cause easy to tell he was the police nark and rip off merchant, even on facebook he outed him self. and his mate umm hang on, carl somebody

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