Police Shoot Unarmed Man

In an incident described by high profile criminal lawyer,  Gary Gotlieb as one that “beggars belief”  Hastings Police shoot an unarmed and compliant man in the back in August 2013. He went on to say  the firearm’s safety catch should have been on, and questioned whether the officer involved could be charged with careless discharge of a firearm?

AOS_01Iriheke Te Kani Pere, was being arrested in August 2013 by Hastings Police. Police were assisting the man to get to his feet after being handcuffed when a police officer’s Bushmaster rifle discharged.

Police confirmed that the man wasn’t resisting arrest, and police have said his actions did not contribute to the incident.  Police acting assistant commissioner investigations Glenn Dunbier  said it wasn’t known if it was “human error or a firearm malfunction”. He also said “We are devastated that this has occurred and will be looking very diligently at how this happened.” “Police were taking the incident extremely seriously, and two inquiries were under way.”

So, what now?

The matter is now being investigated by police themselves we can but only wait and see how police manage to cover this up.  Assistant Commissioner Dubiner has gone quiet and will not respond to any communications.

So can we expect another IPCA sanctioned whitewash?

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  1. QVRme says:

    The cops have gone very quiet on this one. Must be only a matter of time before they release their whitewash.

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