Police Nark in Waipukurau

sharon-donnithorneAnyone who is renting through Property Brokers in Central Hawke’s Bay need to be vigilant that their privacy is protected.  Initiative recently learned of a situation where Property Brokers Waipukurau property manager Sharon Donnithrone handed a tenant’s personal information over to police.  What makes this even more offensive is that Donnithrone volunteered to hand this private information over without any encouragement.  At no time was she given consent or authority to hand out private information.

From the Property Brokers web site:

Property Brokers Ltd MREINZ acknowledges and complies with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993 and its amendments. In particular Property Brokers policy covers the following specific points relevant to this topic and this website:

Any client information you provide to property brokers will be used only for the purpose for which it is given and will not be passed on to any third party without your specific consent.

Yet it seems that these words are mere rhetoric and Property Brokers has no respect for the privacy of their clients.

David Faulkoner

David Faulkoner

When the matter was raised with Property Brokers national rental division manager David Faulkoner, instead of dealing with it in a responsible and legally compliant manner as the Privacy Act requires; Faulkoner refused to act on the complaint thereby demonstrating his incredible arrogance.

Property Brokers declined to comment when contacted.

Police Invent Bogus Laws

20130131_100430The public need to be vigilant to verify the information given to them by police.

Senior Constable Damion Horricks of the Waipukurau Police gives us an example of this sort of smoke and mirrors behaviour.

One would expect that having reached the lofty rank of senior constable, Horricks would be well versed in the law that he deals with every working day.  But perhaps the reality of that rank is that he has survived ten years in the job without being done for perjury.

When this photo was taken of him Horricks tried to tell the occupier and photographer that because he was on private property permission was needed (from Horricks) before he could be photographed.  It seems that Horricks was arrogant and ignorant enough to expect that he would be believed just because he was a police officer quoting what he purported to be the law.  After the event Damon Horricks was given the opportunity to support that brash statement by citing the legislation he was relying upon, but had no comment to make.

So here we have yet another police officer caught out lying.  In what is a typical example of the attitude of dishonesty that dominates the police culture in New Zealand, Horricks is just another professional liar, a trait he will no doubt take in to the Courtroom.

Home Invasion

Dalby - country cop

Dalby – country cop

In September 2012 a team of police from Waipukurau executed an illegally obtained search warrant on a home in rural Waipukurau.  Police are usually quick to distance themselves from any civil matters but it seem that when it suits their double standards they will make an exception and in this instance they jumped straight in to something that was a civil matter.

The OIC of that operation was Senior Constable Mike Dalby, a country cop who is effectively guilty of home invasion.  When lawyers tried to complain to police in November 2012, Area Commander Sam Hoyle absolved himself of all responsibility and passed it on to his underling Tania Kura to be dealt with.  Instead of responding in a transparent and honest manner Kura went to ground and refused to engage with lawyers in any way, no doubt hoping that this would make the problem go away.  For months Kura and her staff refused to pass the complaint on to the Independent Police Conduct Authority, in arrogant defiance of the legislation which specifically requires police to notify the IPCA within 5 working days.

Solely because of Kura’s inability to deal with and front up to their failures police now face civil proceedings.  Even when confronted with this they continue to waste huge amounts of tax payer money by employing cash strapped high priced Crown lawyers to defend the indefensible.

Abuses and bullying of this nature by police is commonplace across the country.  If you have been the victim of a similar home invasion Initiative would like to hear from you


Out of Control

Tania Kura Playing the ethnic card

Tania Kura
Playing the ethnic card, or should that be the pathetic card?

You might well ask what’s going on with policing in the Hawke’s Bay, since district commander Inspector Tania Kura took over control of the patch.  Kura came to Hawke’s Bay from what police spin doctors describe as a “senior role” at the Police College.

Kura and her partner Inspector Dave Archibald ended up at the Police College after Archibald was caught passing information from the police national computer whilst stationed in Tauranga.  In what has so frequently proved to be typical of the New Zealand police force, if you get caught or screw up you get promoted.

Hawke’s Bay has long held a reputation for having a police force more out of control than the rest of the country.  Since her arrival last year Kura has worked hard to maintain that reputation and indeed conspired to perpetuate acts that support the culture of lie, deny and perjure.

Manipulating the stats?

Manipulating the stats?

Despite her efforts to cover up the corruption within her patch it has failed to gain her the support of her staff with Hawke’s Bay with more than 20 officers having left since the Napier and Hastings areas merged into one Hawke’s Bay unit under Kura in August last year.  Many of those who left, disclosing to media sources Kura’s “my way or the highway” approach to people management.

Despite scathing public criticism from both current and former staff Kura is quoted in media reports as saying she is “not concerned”.  This astonishing response personifies the arrogance and ignorance that prevails within police management.  Kura should be concerned.  After only a year in the job she has failed to impress either her own kind or the public.  There have been a number of spectacular failures under Kura’s short reign of power and control.

Otaki’s Community Cop Rips Off The System

Terry Moore Landlord or Cop?

Terry Moore
Landlord or Cop?

Otaki community constable Terry Moore has been ripping the system off for years and police have been turning a blind eye to his dishonesty.

Moore first came to the Kapiti Coast from Blenheim to take up the role of Iwi Liaison office for police.  Whilst living and working as a detective in Blenheim Moor and his family lived in subsidised housing on Woodbourne Air Force Base.  In this job he was one of the privileged few who still got to take a company car home.  It was during this time that Moore quickly gained a reputation amongst his colleagues for being the invisible man, because he was never where he was supposed to be.

Frequently during working hours Moore was spotted in Levin, often towing a trailer load of building materials behind his unmarked police vehicle.  Initiative is aware that Moore owns rental properties in Levin and much of the restoration and maintenance work on those properties was carried out whilst he was being paid to be at work.

In a move typically double standard, police turned a blind eye to Moore’s deceit and returned him to the brotherhood.  Not only that but they put the now separated Moore in to a police house in Otaki at peppercorn rental.

Whilst working at Levin and owning properties in that town, Moore was enjoying the benefits of tax payer subsidised housing a few kilometres down the road in Otaki.

To this day Moore enjoys the perk of living in a police house whilst getting income from rental properties just up the road.  Nice work if you can get it.  The frightening thing is that Moore seems to think this sort of behavior is quite acceptable and he is doing nothing wrong.  Such attitudes are typical of the police culture and double standards.

Otaki is an area that has typically been hard to staff and the sort of police officers who end up there have fallen from grace elsewhere in the country.  Moore’s tenure there is testament to this and the fact that police management are not only aware but turn a blind eye to such blatant ripping off of the system, is testament to the police culture of lie, deny and perjure.

Setting aside the questionable ethics of Senior Constable Terry Moore, in how many towns around the country is this blatant dishonesty repeated?  When questioned by opposition politicians, the former Minister of Police denied all knowledge and suggested that it was a matter for the Commissioner.  Yet when opposition politicians wrote to the Police Commissioner the response was to lie and deny.

Hawke’s Bay Top Cop Jumping Ship

Sam Hoyle - bugging out

Sam Hoyle – bugging out

In the wake of blistering media criticisim of Napier/Hastings district commander Inspector Tania Kura, her boss Eastland District Commander Superintendent Sam Hoyle is looking to jump ship.

DomPost reporter Tracey Chatterton published this article on the problems and internal squabbles going on under Kura’s management:  http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/9166764/Cops-are-leaving-the-Bay-in-droves

Just days later Kura’s boss and mentor Superintendent Sam Hoyle is looking to quit town.  This week Hoyle is in Wellington interviewing for a new job as Wellington District Commander.

When you look at history and see how police reward their under-performing or wayward staff, there is a good chance Hoyle may soon be packing his bags and moving closer to the bosom of Commissioner Peter Marshall.

So with Hoyle joining those leaving in droves let’s just hope for the sake of the people of Hawke’s Bay that they do not promote Kura to Hoyle’s old job.

Superintendent Hoyle declined to comment when invited to do so.

Police Shoot Unarmed Man

In an incident described by high profile criminal lawyer,  Gary Gotlieb as one that “beggars belief”  Hastings Police shoot an unarmed and compliant man in the back in August 2013. He went on to say  the firearm’s safety catch should have been on, and questioned whether the officer involved could be charged with careless discharge of a firearm?

AOS_01Iriheke Te Kani Pere, was being arrested in August 2013 by Hastings Police. Police were assisting the man to get to his feet after being handcuffed when a police officer’s Bushmaster rifle discharged.

Police confirmed that the man wasn’t resisting arrest, and police have said his actions did not contribute to the incident.  Police acting assistant commissioner investigations Glenn Dunbier  said it wasn’t known if it was “human error or a firearm malfunction”. He also said “We are devastated that this has occurred and will be looking very diligently at how this happened.” “Police were taking the incident extremely seriously, and two inquiries were under way.”

So, what now?

The matter is now being investigated by police themselves we can but only wait and see how police manage to cover this up.  Assistant Commissioner Dubiner has gone quiet and will not respond to any communications.

So can we expect another IPCA sanctioned whitewash?

Yet Another Out of Control Hawke’s Bay Cop Outed

Kristina Eckhold - might not be smiling for much longer

Kristina Eckhold – might not be smiling for much longer

Once again Initiative is obliged to ask what is going on under the management of Superintendent Sam Hoyle and Inspector Tania Kura.  It seems that since we exposed inadequacies in the management style of both Hoyle and Kura both have gone to ground and will not respond to questions put to them.

In the wake of our piece on Superintendent Sam Hoyle’s bully boy tactics in illegally trespassing a man who was properly serving legal documents on police, we have learned that police continue to lie, deny and perjure to the extent that they are completely out of control.

After being served with a trespass notice by Napier police Sgt Kristina Eckhold a Hawke’s Bay man was anxious to establish what if any grounds existed that justified their coming to his home unannounced and serving a trespass notice.  To this end a request was made to Hoyle for a copy of the file.  On behalf of Hoyle, Detective Daryl Moore responded by providing a copy of the trespass notice and statement of service signed by Eckhold.  Moore wrote that these were the only documents police held in respect of this matter.

Knowing that the police are frequently less than truthful about such matters he pursued the request further which resulted in a police job sheet being disclosed.  The author of that job sheet was Eckhold who certainly proved to have a vivid imagination, for the content of that document bore little resemblance to what had actually transpired when she served the trespass notice.

Eckhold was subsequently asked to confirm the accuracy of her job sheet by way of making a sworn statement, but it seems that her dishonesty falls short of so blatantly leaving herself open to a perjury prosecution.  She has not responded to that request or several follow-ups nor offered any explanation for her somewhat “liberal” interpretation of events.

Here then we have yet another example of the culture of dishonesty that prevails within police in this country.  It is a pattern of behavior that Superintendent Sam Hoyle and Inspector Tania Kura turn a blind eye to each day and perhaps even encourage or reward.  Eckhold is also in a supervisory role and this is the standard she sets her own staff.

Whilst in isolation Eckhold’s brand of dishonesty has serious implications it is the wider

Eckhold A liar or just forgetful

A liar or just forgetful?

principal that must also be considered.  Police job sheets often form the basis of a prosecution that will go before the courts.  If that information is blatantly false, as is the case in this situation, then that process is flawed from the outset.  NZPCA believes that there needs to be a better awareness that such dishonest practices are frequent within police and we will always take steps to identify individual police officers who come to our attention.

The clear message to Sgt Kristina Eckhold-Shadbolt is that the honeymoon is over and Initiative will continue to make dishonest cops like her accountable.