The Worst Little Whore House in Clive

Marty Sharpe – failed journalist

Tucked away in sleepy Clive in the Hawke’s Bay is the headquars of our old friend and serial gutter journalist Marty Sharpe.  This is a man – well actually he hardly qualifies as a human being but we will forgive him that misfortune of birth for the time being – who is incapiable of writing anything that remotely resembles the facts.  His obsessions and stupidity is reflected in what his masters allow him to publish under the guise of journalisim.  In fact by definition his ravings and beat ups do not even come close to being anything that could be described in that fashion.

This, soon to be unemployed, piece of excrement who lacks in values and ethics is so paychilogically disturbed as to be a danger to the public.  He writes utter right wing, police loving rubbish that has little or no basis in fact.  He pushes the limits, sneaks around in the background pretending to be friendly with the local lawyers in the hope of getting confidential information from them, has no sense of balance and may well be suffering some form of mental ilness.

Initiative has been proivided with a copy of an e-mail Sharpe sent to Napier court staff trying to obtain a document that he has no right whatsoever to access.  But of course he knows that the media friendly Ministry of Justice staff at Napier and Hastings will give him anything he wants.

Marty’s friend and court deputy-registrar Tangi-Jean Mihaere

Tangi-Jean’s boss and cover up merchant Ron Garrick

It is not all that long ago that deputy registrar Tangi-Jean Mihaere “just accidently” happened to leak some information to her buddy Marty Sharpe, who of course picked it up and ran with it, again to the point of obsession that demonstrates just what a sick uint this lunatic really is.

Those who deal with and know Sharpe have been so appalled at his obsessive behaviour as to express those concerns to Initiative.  Mihaere’s boss (and Facebook friend to  journalists) Ron Garrick has admitted that she did this, purporting that it was a “one off” error.  But his response when confronted with details of systemic media friendly episodes is to run away and hide, hoping that if he ignored it long enough the problem would go away.  Of course the Ministry of Jusrice will always look after their own, to the extent of lying and covering up for them, so why break with tradition?

Coming back to the main course, that consumate lunatic Marty Sharpe.  This is an entity who has no ability to write anything in an objective manner, indeed it is unlikely he know the dictionary definition of the word.  He has an agenda that is motivated by narcicisim, psychilogical instability and pure hate.

The thing that Sharpe fails to understand is that the consequences of his lies and obsession have far reaching consequences, not only for the hapless subjects of his written ravings, but their families and friends.  His gutter journalisim has been the source of  distress for many families who do not deserve to be caught up in his rantings and the cause of so much damage to innocient people that it cannot be measured.  His actions have has brought about estrangement, suicide and the destruction of lives, all at the expense of Sharpe’s massive ego and lack of values in pursuit of a byline.

Initiative formally puts this odious little man on notice that for every beat up articule he writes, for every lie he tells, for every rant that he publishes; he will be made fully accountable and there will be consequences beyond his limited imagination.  The best part about it is that every elemnt of those consequences will be within the law and there will be nothing he can do about it and for once he will feel the sting of his own tail.

That promise too is extended to the bevvy of media whores around the country that he has working for him and doing his bidding.  This includes you Deborah Morris, famous for her beat up journailsim style and prepensity toward perjury.

If you are reading this and have been a victim of Sharpe’s poison pen then feel free to callin on him at his whore house in Clive and express your displeasure, it is on the main road so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it.  If your life or that of your whanau has been damaged by this serial conman, go visit with him at 167 Main Road, Clive in Hawke’s Bay.  You can leave him in no doubt as to the consequnces of his crappy story writing and bully boy attitude and serve him with a reminder that his lack of humanity will haunt him.

The only thing we look forward to reading with Marty Sharpe’s name attached to it is his obituary.

Let this too serve as a warning to any small minded, terminally bored and lacking any ethics provincial journalists who would seek to indulge their fantasies with beat up journalisim, you too will be made accountable and outed for all to see.

So happy Christmas Marty the war of accountability for every piece of rubbish, you have ever written is not over – it has only just begun.

Gutter Journalisim 101

Marty Sharpe - cop lover

Marty Sharpe – cop lover

Hurley – sucks more than just eggs

Anyone who has sat in the same court room as Dompost’s Marty Sharpe and Hawke’s Bay Today’s Sam Hurley could be forgiven for wondering if they had dreamed it all when they get to read what these bastions of journalism write in their respective publications.  Sharpe is so under the control of his cop mates that he will do anything to keep on side with them, even to the extent of forsaking a lead story.

At a recent trial kidnapping and blackmail trial in the Napier District Court that ran for a week, there was not a journalist to be seen.  Normally a trial of this nature and magnitude would have the local journalists falling all over themselves trying to get a story in small town Napier, even if they have to embellish or change the facts to make it interesting.

What was so different about this trial?  The police’s star witness was former Hawke’s Bay man Brent Willis AKA Brent Tomich AKA Alan Davidson, now in hiding in Hamilton.  During the course of his evidence in this trial Willis admitted being a fraudster and a liar and pimp, yet police have never charged him with anything.  Why you might well ask.  Because Brent Willis is a long term police informant and his masters will do anything to protect that asset, even going so far as to bring false charges and then perjure themselves to get a conviction.  Police have long been turning a blind eye to Willis’ activities including ripping off old people and defrauding WINZ.

Meantime you have got Detective Mike Signal the police officer in charge of the case sleeping with one of Willis’ hookers who now calls herself Shantell Parnz Khorus on Facebook but in real life is Shantell Pihama, and openly doing deals over televisions and other goodies in order to keep her on side.   Yet where were our two erstwise journalists during all this?  Doing the bidding of the cop mates and keeping well away.

Conversely these two bottom feeders Sharpe and Hurley will publish factually distorted and police biased articles at the bidding of police.   Often these pieces of journalistic fiction are so far from the truth that the authors are the subject of public chastisement.  In the cowardly fashion that each is so expert at they blame each other.  Hurley’s catch phrase is “Don’t blame me, Marty told me to do it!”

Sharpe is the sort of bottom feeder who is so intent on keeping his police masters feeding him propaganda that his warped mind considers to be a good story, that he continually writes pro police drivel and expects the reading public to believe it is fact.  This is the sort of person who will read other people’s bank information whilst standing at an ATM.  So if you see Sharpe around town make sure he is not looking over your shoulder next time you go to the ATM.

Hurley is a wanna be journalist who, not long out of nappies, will do anything to get a story.  He doesn’t care about the accuracy or the consequences of what he writes.  His infantile mind seems to have convinced him that writing fiction and by so doing ruining people’s lives is the way to climb ths slippery pole.

One of Hurley’s favorite tricks is to try and support popularity for his articles by citing numbers of supporters from the Hawke’s Bay Today Facebook Page.  When in reality these statistics are so utterly manipulated that they have no semblance to reality at all.  Any comments posted on the Hawke’s Bay Today Facebook page that do not meet the editorial agenda are quickly deleted.  In this article Hurley has manufactured a story by leading readers to believe that their Facebook page was overflowing with adverse comment, when in fact he had been deleting any posts that did not suit his purposes:  “Shock At Mother’s Lenient Sentence

Hurley replaced an equally untalented gutter journalist Anna Ferrick who left town in a hurry after she was caught with her pants down.

So when you read anything written by either of these pieces of human excrement, consider that it is unlikely to be even a semblance of the truth.